South Abington Township was created in 1867 when the larger Abington region was split into north and
south parcels. The boroughs of Clarks Summit and Clarks Green (which are surrounded by South
Abington) were later carved out of this southern region of the Abingtons. The Lackawanna County
   Library has several excellent books that provide many details of our history. A list of some of these books can be found at the bottom of this page.

We are also extremely fortunate to have many people in the area who are greatly interested in history
and genealogy. These history enthusiasts continue to preserve our history via the authorship of various
books and websites. The contents of these websites are growing quickly and in many instances contain
the text of entire history books. Many of these links are connected to a national effort to preserve our
history by making historical and genealogical material available to the public, via the web, free of charge. 
This volunteer organization is named the USGENWEB Project. As part of their efforts, they have
created websites for every county in the USA. Due to the generous efforts of the volunteers at
Lackawanna County and Luzerne County sections of the USGENWEB Project, a huge amount of our
local history is now available on line. Some of what I believe are the most informative and interesting
sites can be accessed by clicking on the following links::

Excerpts from the History of the Lackawanna Valley By H. Hollister, M.D., Sixth
Edition, 1903 (thank you to the volunteers from the Lackawanna County USGENWEB Project - in
particular, Ms. Susan Pieroth) 

A current map of the Abingtons and surrounding area.

Books with information about the

history of the Abington area

Clarks Summit: a narrative ; by Helen R. and John C. Villaume
Villaume, Helen R. , 1986.

History of the Abingtons / by Rev. William P. Lewis
Lewis, William P. , 1986.

The early history of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania
Singer, David M., 1969.

Historic Abington / by Alfred Twining, 1920.

History of the Abington Baptist Association, from 1807 to 1857
Bailey, Edward L. , 1863.

This is Waverly
Mumford, Mildred. , 1954.

History of the city of Scranton, Providence, Dunmore,
Waverly, and Humphreysville ...; also, directory and
business advertiser for 1867 and 1868
Galatian, Andrew B. , 1867.

History and directory of Newton and Ransom
townships, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania;
including a history of the Wyoming Valley, and a brief
history of Pennsylvania and Lackawanna County. Also
many biographical sketches. Comp. by J.B.Stephens., 1912.

History of Ransom Valley Church and Cemetery with
genealogical notes / Mildred Hopkins Pretzer and
Dwayne Lewis Pretzer, 2000.


History of Clarks Green, PA [videorecording]
Tighe, Sarah. , 2000.

History of Clarks Green, Pennsylvania [videorecording]
Whitney, Doris Clark. , 1999.



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